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Lotus Avenue places you in the heart of the Rajkot city, a very sophisticated and high society area of Rajkot. Its surrounding area consists of all the human being requirements right from the education to the temple & entertainment at just a few steps from their living this is the reason why you should prefer Lotus Avenue at your dream house.
Lotus is located near to the Rajkot's Famous Love Temple (Christian Temple) as well as Iscon Temple is also just a few steps ahead.
  • Entertainment is a part of our life which makes human being fresh. All the Big malls like Crystal Mall, Iscon Mega Mall, rest of the other branded showrooms like Pantaloon, Jade Blue all are just a short stroll from home.
  • Not only that a good Cosmoplex Theater is also very close to the lotus.
  • Also a good park named 'Ravi Park' Garden is also located next to the lotus which is a good place for the children's to play or enjoy your early morning walk.
Schools / University:
Its central location to the city′s public and private schools and colleges is just a one more reason to call Lotus Avenue. Delhi Public School, Atmiya College & Saurashtra University is located within easy walking distance.
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